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Targeted Group of GJU Cloud

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GJU cloud will proved open-source computing facilities to computing labs and courses taught at GJU. Currently, GJU cloud is used to train 20 first-year engineering and IT students who study the Pogromming Fundamentals course (CS113). Our plan next term is to expand the use of the cloud to cover all C programming labs offered in the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at GJU, which usually include more than 150 students per term.

Moreover, the computing facilities of GJU cloud will be offered to the faculty members and students at GJU. For students, the cloud will be employed to conduct capstone projects and support the implementation of innovative ideas. For faculty members, the cloud can be used to develop and implement leading entrepreneurship and business start-ups.

To expand the services of the GJU cloud, the OSSCOM team at GJU has initiated discussion and meetings with the Specialized Technical Services (STS) Inc. in Jordan to support the development of student projects and business start-ups through GJU cloud. The planned support by OSSCOM team at GJU and STS includes reviewing and revising the proposals submitted by the students and faculty members to use GJU cloud.   Moreover, STS will guild and support the development and implementation of a selected set of student projects,, which have high success potential.


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