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OSSCOM Workshop on Basic Administration of Technology Centers details

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Session 1 [2 h] Basic administration of Linux OS overview.
System startup and shutdown, init configuration and runlevels, Linux filesystem, local system security, user account managenemt, system monitoring, backup and recovery.

Session 2 [2 h] KVM hypervisor (I)
Virtualization overview, KVM installation (including libvirt and QEMU)

Session 3 [2 h] KVM hypervisor (II)
Networking and storage management, security

Session 4 [2 h] OpenStack (I)
General introduction to OpenStack: architecture, modules, accessing OpenStack services (dashboard, CLI, API), Horizon dashboard

Session 5 [2 h] OpenStack (II)
Identity service (Keystone), Compute service (Nova)

Session 6 [2 h] OpenStack (III)
Networking service (Neutron), Block storage (Cinder), Object Storage (Swift)


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