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Tarent AG

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Aims and activities of this organisation:

Since 1996, the name “tarent” has stood for competence in the conception and execution of mid-sized and large IT projects. Today the tarent group consists of several different companies. The public limited company tarent AG extends a common financial structure over these undertakings. It also offers a unified operating environment with administration, accounting, human resources management and all other essential departments. This includes platforms upon which the know-how of the individual companies is pooled and made available. In this way, as in practice the employees of individual fields together with clients find the best possible solutions, our divisions also exchange their knowledge within the group to achieve the necessary synergy. All shares in the public limited company are held by people actively working in the companies. Thus tarent AG is completely self-financed.

The role of this organisation in this project:

Tarent makes its revenues with a pure Open Source Business Model, and has therefore developed an excellent expertise how to monetarize Open Source. Open Source has a lot of opportunities, especially for IT startups as we experienced in the history of the company. We like to share this experience because we believe, that the Open Source Ecosystem needs as much players as possible to deliver enterprise open Source Solutions to customers and public bodies.
Our role in the project will therefore be: (1)Consultancy on Open Source Strategies; (2) Consultancy about how to integrate the Open Source Communities in the business model; (3) Development of Open Source Marketing concepts; and (4) Integrate university and other educational partner in an a partnership model.  Its long-standing experience with Open Source software gives Tarent the opportunity to support BRSU in this project (WP.7, Task 4.5, 7.3). In this way Tarent has the possibility to supply its experience data with IT projects.

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