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IVC Colloquium with Walid P. Karam

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We live in an open world despite all boundaries. Technology and the Internet have brought people closer. Societies have evolved to rely on the knowledge economy. Education has transformed from supply on information and basic scientific facts and skills to innovation and creativity. There are new business concepts that strongly rely on open innovation, and new mechanisms to create values. Laws have been put in place to support these new methodologies. This talk will shed the light on these concepts, and will highlight the value of "openness" in the knowledge society.


  • Professor & researcher at the University of Balamand since 1993
  • Former ICT Advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications
  • Founding member of LINC (the Lebanese Internet Center)
  • Founding member of LERN (the Lebanese Education & Research Network)
  • Internet Society board member, Lebanon Chapter
  • IEEE senior member; chairman of IEEE Computer Society – Lebanon section
  • Graduate of Georgia Tech (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering) and Telecom-ParisTech (PhD in Computer & Telecommunications)


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