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Team Members

Prof. Dr. Pascal Fares

The Lebanese University
Director of the National (CNAM-Liban) – Bikfaya campus

Mr. Pascal Fares is the director of the National Conservatory of Arts and Professions-Lebanon (CNAM-Liban) – Bikfaya campus at the Lebanese University. He's the chairman of the computer science department at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Economics (ISAE CNAM-Liban), and in charge of its research and development group for ICT. Mr. Fares is an established IT/ICT/IS consultant for Free & Open Source Software and agile software development. He is the initiator and the manager of several FOSS projects, of which the Free (libre) Open Source Software Lebanese Movement (OSLM). Mr. Fares has a number of publications and he's an active ACM member.


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