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Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Information Technology International

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Aims and activities of this organisation:

TAGITI is a dynamic IT company specialized variety of ICT services, including open source software. For more than two decades, TAGITI has been implementing projects for variety of clients in IP, banking, education, and commerce. TAGITI is owned by TAGOrg, a globally leading professional service company operating in 81 offices worldwide. TAGITI has build excellent reputation in ICT consulting, software development, eGovernment solutions, and ICT training and capacity development in Jordan and abroad. Through a network of supporting TAGOrg sister companies, TAGITI maintains several partnerships with international ICT companies. It supports educational institutions in developing tool kits for business models and startups through joint projects with USAID and international donors. It has developed the concept of TAG knowledge Societies in communities and universities to provide equality of opportunities for all segments of  society and to create professional environment entrepreneurs. 

The role of this organisation in this project:

Part of TAGOrg’s premium goals is to be in constant pursuit of initiatives that support the local governments in their mandates towards a more productive, competitive and knowledge based economy, through providing funds, resources and the collective corporate support of all its companies. TAGOrg provides as well quality of varied ICT service offerings, including infrastructure, connecting a network server farms for online business, education, and hosting client services. TAGITI will play an active role in the project activities and in particular in assisting in the setup of technology centers, facilitating and configuring connectivity, and building communities of practice in open source technology and content development. It will also play an important role in the dissemination and outreach, as well as in developing the partnership model with enterprises. Its role will be WP.2 leader as well as Tasks: 2.1, 2.2 (setting up OSSCOM portal) and 3.3 (Technology Center).

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