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German Jordanian University

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Aims and activities of this organisation:

The German-Jordanian University (GJU) is a public university and is based on the German model of applied science university. GJU maintains a vibrant community of excellence in academic teaching, applied research, and community service. It offers a bachelor degree in 17 different programs mainly in engineering and technology and a master degree in 5 programs. The programs at the school of informatics and computing (SIC) are in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Communication Engineering. The programs are relevant to market needs and are closely coordinated with the German IT network and a dedicated industry advisory board. SIC strongly advocates open source among its faculty, students, and partners. It established partnerships with several companies and hosts an incubator in robotics, mainly used for student projects. GJU has a vision to lead efforts in open source for VM ware, distributed platforms, and variety of service applications.  ​

The role of this organisation in this project:

GJU/ SIC will cooperate to achieve the objectives of the project in developing partnership with enterprises to build OSS communities and enhance technology education. It will improve the quality of its technology education by developing  and hosting OSS technologies, services and applications. GJU academic staff will endeavor to develop partnership and help support OSS communities. Its main leading role in OSSCOM will be: (1) Leading WP.5 in developing partnership model; (2) taking a technical management role in the project (1.2); (2) dissemination and outreach (2.4); (3) hosting a national technology center; (4) developing partnership model (5.2); and (5) support quality and monitory of project activities (6.1). It will participate in all project activities as well, benefiting from EU partner experiences and building on its strong outreach to the communities as well as on its willingness to embrace new models of education and help incubate entrepreneurship and innovation.  

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