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GJU Launches a Technology Center

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The German Jordanian University launched the first of its kind technology center based on Cloud Infrastructure as part of OSSCOM project that is funded by the EU-Tempus. The technology center aims at providing an open source technology environment to support establishing communities of expertise in the domain of open source software and help young entrepreneurs in the business acceleration process. OSSCOM promotes cooperation with local firms in particular and the community in general. It also provides seeds for stronger cooperation between universities and industry.

The goal is to increase the use of Open Source Software through building capacity, where graduates of universities will be equipped with the essential skills in OSS to improve their chances on the job market and enable them to contribute to the diffusion of OSS in key sectors as an alternative solution to proprietary software as well as to enhance their entrepreneurship and ICT innovation capabilities. It is intended that OSSCOM will serve as a center of Open Source Software to provide support for local companies as well as the society at large in OSS technology solutions. For more information, please visit: www.osscom.org


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