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Brunel University

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Aims and activities of this organisation:

Brunel University is a dynamic institution with 13.000 students and 1.700 faculty operating in a vibrant culture of research excellence. In line with Brunel’s vision to become a research-intensive institution through supporting and attracting world-class researchers, a significant increase in research activity and funding has taken place. Substantial investment in Brunel’s research environment is providing state-of-the-art facilities for research, training and teaching. The Dept. of Information Systems and Computing (DISC) was ranked top in the UK in terms of 'Research Power' in the ‘08. Its main success is built on its partnership model with enterprise. It has the largest center  for research in Information Systems/ Computing in Europe, giving it strength across a wide range of research areas, mainly in OSS. It  provides a portfolio of strong technology courses situated along two main axes: Computer Science and Inf. Systems, benefiting from a strong inter-disciplinary focus. 

The role of this organisation in this project:

A strong commitment to open-source solutions permeates the teaching and research of the Department; in particular, Dr Ghinea is currently researching the factors behind commercial contributions to open source software development as well as the implications that the open source movement has had on the proliferation of applications for mobile and portable devices. On the basis of this experience, Brunel University will contribute to the objectives of the project. Having already established teaching and research relationships with Bahrain, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Syria, the OSSCOM project is in line with the department’s international strategy of disseminating and attracting best practice with partners worldwide. UBRUN will support OSSCOM in OSS content and resources, and will lead WP.4: Developing OSS material and will take a leading role in 5.3: developing a partnership model with Enterprise. 

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