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Workshop: Android Applications Agenda

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Day 1 Monday, 22 September 2014
10:00 Workshop presentation
10:30 Android development requirements.
- What do we need to develop android applications.
11:00 Setup of Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
12:00 Introduction to the Android emulator.
- Advantages and disadvantages.
13:00 First view to an android application source code
13:30 Android Manifest File.
- How to manage permissions
15:30-17:30 Android Lab I.
- Create, compile and execute a hello world application.
Day 2 Tuesday, 23 September 2014
10:00 Android basics
10:30 Elements of an Android project.
- Source code, layouts, and resources files.
11:00 Android applications life cycle.
- How Android applications are managed in our mobiles devices?
12:00 Activities.
- What are they used for?
13:00 Views.
- What are they used for?
15:30-17:30 Android Lab II.
- Create, compile and execute an application to understand the android life cycle.
Day 3 Wednesday, 24 September 2014
10:00 Visual elements.
- Buttons, Text Areas, Spinners, Lists, …
12:00 Layouts and Fragments.
-How to organize the visual elements to improve visualization in different devices.
13:00 Events.
- How to handle and manage events
15:30-17:30 Android Lab III.
- Create, compile and execute an application with different visual interfaces
Day 4 Thursday, 25 September 2014
10:00 Multimedia elements introduction
10:30 Images.
- Types of images and how to use them (load from resources or download from the Internet)
11:00 Videos.
- Different ways to load videos in our application.
12:00 Sounds.
- Developing of a simple jukebox
13:00 Use of the camera.
- How to integrate images acquired with the camera in our application
15:30-17:30 Android Lab IV.
- Create, compile and execute a multimedia application including images, sounds and videos.
Day 5 Friday, 26 September 2014
10:00 Introduction to advanced android capabilities
10:30 Maps and locations.
- How to use them and limitations
11:30 Sensors.
- Using sensors to obtain real-time data
12:30 Gestures.
- How to recognize user gestures and use them in our applications
13:30 External data.
- How to access files, databases and content providers
15:30-17:30 Android Lab V.
- Create, compile and execute an advanced application with localization, advanced gestures and sensors processing.


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