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Yarmouk University

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Aims and activities of this organisation:

Yarmouk University (YU) was founded in 1976 with a mission to provide quality education to its students in the various fields of specializations at the BSc, MSc, and PhD levels. YU found that this cannot be done without the international collaboration with leading schools worldwide in both science and technology. Collaboration forms include sending students to pursue graduate studies as well as knowledge transfer via sharing projects development and implementations. One ultimate objective is to fuel economic growth and development of the country, and that would also contribute to human welfare and prosperity in its wider context. Student enrollment in the ICT-related degree programs at YU is about 3500 students in the undergraduate programs and about 1000 students in the graduate programs.  ​

The role of this organisation in this project:

A team from the Computer Engineering (CpE) department will be the main partner in this project. The CpE department has recently given special emphasis on the development and use of Open Source technologies, including the development of new course in the OSS. Currently, CpE students in their capstone projects are producing tens of applications, annually, using the Open Source technologies. Most of these applications are uploaded on the app stores and sold to get revenue. The great success of this experience has driven YU to strongly believe in building communities of expertise in the Open Source technology to boost more access to the ICT technologies and resources in the region and to overcome ownership barriers. Thus, YU role will focus all individual efforts in the department to the direction of building an in-campus community in OSS that can also ultimately incur a change in the region. Its leading role will be in 2.3: dissemination, 4.2: OSS material, and 6.4: business incubator. 

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