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Work packages

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The projects activities are catograized into seven workpackages (WP), with each workpackage assigned a leader institution, which will be responible for the execution, management, coordination, and delivery of activities. The details of workpackages, actvities, and timeline are outlined as follows:

[WP-1] Management (BRSU)

1.1 (BRSU) Establish an administrative management framework, including project handbook, project plan and chart, roles and tasks, finance, and communication protocols

1.2 (GJU) Establish a technical management framework, including project documentation and authenticated online access, and coordination between WP leaders.

[WP-2] Dissemination (TAGITI)

2.1 (TAGITI) Develop, setup and maintain the project portal www.osscom.org for project communication and dissemination

2.2 (TAGITI) Develop and publish biannual e-newsletters and dissemination material: fact sheet, brochure, posters, rollups

2.3 (YU) Conduct market analysis through baseline survey on technology trends and OS products in the PC, analyze requirements for increased OSS adoption through links between HE structures and enterprises.

2.4 (GJU) Conduct annual OSSCOM Conferences for dissemination of project outcomes

[WP-3] Development (UCLM)

3.1 (UCLM) Conduct expert meeting to assess needs and requirements for TCs

3.2 (UCLM) Develop a blueprint for OSS application/ tool portfolio and implementation of technology centers of excellence (TC) in 3 PC institutions

3.3(TAGITI) Set up TC with diversified OSS structures

3.4 (LU) Conduct training workshops for continuing support and operation of the TCs

[WP-4] Development (UBRUN)

4.1 (NDU) Organize 10 PC/ 6 EU faculty and staff exchanges between PC and EU institutions to develop capacity in OSS and train the trainers

4.2 (YU) Set up an inventory of learning resources: online library of OSS tools and courseware

4.3 (UBRUN) Coordination of processes for the OSS communities of practice

4.4 (LU) Develop OSS technology enabled educational material, handbooks, OSS courseware, and OSS case studies

4.5 (tarent) Set up an OS focused professional diploma program to develop professional OSS capacity

[WP-5] Exploitation (GJU)

5.1 (LU) Establish liaison offices

5.2 (GJU) Develop HEI-industry cooperation model

5.3 (UBRUN) Framework for OSS capstone projects.

[WP-6] Development (LU)

6.1 (LU) Develop technology park environment in the established TCs to foster OSS innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in projects relevant to local needs and requirements

6.2 (IML) Develop a model for incubators and business accelerators as on campus institutions with office space, business start-up consulting and infrastructure

6.3 (NDU) Partner workshop on business incubators

6.4 (YU) Sample Start-up/ spin-off

[WP-7] Quality Plan (tarent)

7.1 (BRSU) Baseline survey and peer review

7.2 (GJU) Evaluation reports of project outcomes

7.3 (tarent) Evaluation reports of project activities


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