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Workshop: Android Applications

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About the Workshop

This workshop is one of a series of activities organized through OSSCOM to coordinate with EU institutions to develop OSS capacity and expertise at partner country institutions. The aim of this workshop is to provide in depth knowledge and develop course curricula in Android SDK as well as basic building blocks of making Android Applications.


News Articles

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Workshop Brochure   


Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the Android OS architecture.
  • Install and use appropriate tools for Android development, including IDE, device emulator, and profiling tools.
  • Understand the Android application architecture, including the roles of the task stack, activities, and services.
  • Build user interfaces with fragments, views, form widgets, text input, lists, tables, and more.


Targeted Audience

This workshop is designed for :

  • Students seeking career in Mobile (Android) Industry.
  • Person having interest in Android Technology.
  • Education Faculty & Staff.
  • Students from any branch can attend the workshop.
  • Freelancers who wish to tap the increasing demand in the market, for custom Android app development.


Reimbursement Cost:

OSSCOM members: Free

OSSCOM non members: 350 EURO



  • Passion to learn new creative things.
  • Knowledge of how to use Computer.
  • Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet.
  • Little knowledge about Java programming techniques.


Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android basics
  • User Interfaces
  • Multimedia elements
  • Android Advanced


Workshop Lectures and Solutions:

(Pdf): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(Power Point): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Full resources, labs and solutions


Required Equipments and Softwares:

      1. Laptop/ computer with the following installed software:

1.1. Windows with Eclipse and Java JDK6. (best option).

1.2. Linux Ubuntu or MAC with Java JDK.

       2. Mobile phone with Android 4.0 (or upper) and USB connection cable.


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